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Best Spots for Adventure Retreats in Kuching

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to explore and enjoy the tranquility of mother nature . Let us show you the best hiking routes in Kuching.

1. Bako National Park

Bako National Park is the first and oldest National Parks in Sarawak. Stretching over 27 square kms Bako is not short of wildlife and adventure. Bako is very unique as all different types of vegetation that can be found in Borneo can be found in Bako itself. From swamps, mangrove forests, clift vegetation to small coves and beaches, Bako is bursting with the beauty of nature.

The park is perfect for people would want to relax and take slow nature walks as well as hikers looking for adventure due to the availability of over 18 trails in the park itself. During the walks do lookout for the different types of wildlife that would roam freely in the park.


2. Borneo Highlands Resort

Borneo Highlands Resort is truly a nature getaway tucked in the untouched rainforest of the second largest forest in Borneo standing at 1000 meters above sea level near the Sarawak-Kalimantan border. Borneo Highland is very unique as it offers you a eco-friendly getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Temperature is 18 to 28 degree Celsius all year round which makes it a perfect relaxation haven.

The resort has its own spa- Bidayuh Spa and they take in very limited guest to ensure quality and exclusive service. As for residence, the resort has a clubhouse and forest chalets. There are many activities that can be done at the resort – jungle trekking, bird watching, golf, night walks, longhouse visit and many more. The main attraction is the view of the magnificent Penrissen Range which is definitely to die for.


3. Fairy cave and Wind cave

Fairy cave and Wind cave are two popular and beautiful limestone caves located in Bau which is about 22 km from Kuching, Sarawak. The Fairy cave obtains its name from Chinese people who name it after a stalagmite formation that resembles a Chinese deity. The different stalactite and stalagmite formations and shifting lights makes the cave favourite among wildlife photographers.

This 2 caves is also famous among rock climbers as well. Wind cave is named as such due the wind breeze that constantly blows through the caverns. Visitors like to relax at the subterranean streams in the cave at bats fly by.


4. Mount Santubong

Located 35 km north of Kuching, Sarawak is the glorious Santubong National Park. It the perfect place for avid hikers as well people who are looking for relaxation spot away from the city life. Santubong National Park is the home to many types of wildlife creatures as it extends from land to the sea. Sarawak Cultural Village is one of the highlights of Sarawak National Park. It also offers a range of activities that can be done such as swimming and hiking. A visit to the waterfall and fishing village is also compulsory.


5. Kubah National Park, Matang

The magnificent Matang Range is the home of Kubah National Park, another nature pride of Sarawak. Located 20 km away from Kuching, Kubah National Park is a favourite nature retreat among locals. This park has 3 sandstone mountains – Gunung Serapi, Gunung Selang and Gunung Sandok and it offers 7 different trails for visitors to try.

You won’t be able to see as much of wildlife here as compared to Bako as they tend to stay deep in the forests. The waterfalls and jungle streams is popular among locals to cool off before continuing their hike. There is also accommodation with basic cooking facilities available for visitors who want to stay overnight.


6. Kampung Sting

Kampung Sting is the home to 4 Bidayuh villages and the Bengoh Dam. This village is a true nature retreat offering many activities for visitors. There are many homestays available at the village where locals offer packages and will take care of your food, accommodation and transport(boat).

What is interesting about this village you ask? They have many bamboo bridges connecting the different villages due to the presence of several rivers. The bamboo bridges are still strong to this day displaying the creativity and sustainability of the locals. Main highlight of the village would be the Kayu waterfall which is very scenic and allows visitors to cool off.


7. Gunung Gading National Park

The rugged mountain range of Gunung Gading National Park is located near the town of Lundu, a favourite among locals for walks and jungle trekking. The star of the show would be the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia which can grow to the size of a coffee table. This parasitic flower has a nasty odour to attract its prey which are flies and insects.

The plant is very rare which is why visitors are advised to contact the park management regarding the availability before going to take a look. The park offers 3 different trails which is the Waterfall, Gunung Gading Summit and Batu Berkubu.


8. Jangkar Waterfalls

Located in Berumput Mountain range is the infamous Jangkar waterfalls. The sight of the waterfalls is truly a sight to behold and visitors can get to the falls using 2 different trails- river trail and forest trail. There is many paths through the forest trail which makes it crucial to get a guide from the local village.

The trek in the forest is very challenging but worth the efforts as you can get to the see the various vegetation in the forest and the scenic waterfalls. There is actually a total of 23 waterfalls in Jangkar with the highest one at 30+ meters high.