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Go-To Seafood Restaurants in Kuching

Kuching is very famous for its abundance of fresh-from-the-sea seafood. We bring the 8 famous seafood available in Kuching.

1. Top Spot Food Court

Top Spot Food Court is the most popular seafood outset in Kuching area. They are so famous among locals that now they have 3 outlets which is located at Bukit Mata, Jalan Padungan and Taman Letak Kereta. This seafood outlet prides it collection of delicacies made from only the freshest seafood. Water tanks adorned near every stall display the sea creatures that customers can pick to be cooked according to their preference. Some of their famous dishes is stir fried midin (wild fern) in belacan a specialty dish in Sarawak, bamboo clam curry, and butter crab in salted egg yolk.


2. Rock road seafood

Rock Road Seafood specializes in Halal Hainanese cuisine. Yes you heard me right, they serve halal Chinese food. Established over 40 years ago, Rock Road seafood is the first seafood restaurant in Kuching being the favourite restaurant of the locals. Rock Road Seafood has a lot to offer where some of the famous dishes is prawns cooked in signature Hainanese sauce, black pepper crab and braised scallops with abalone and broccoli.


3. Shell Hauz

Shell Hauz is one of the famous outlets who serve “shell out” seafood cuisines- restaurants typically serve all types of seafood. Shell Hauz is located Metrocity Matang has its own quirky way to attract customers. The seafood dishes are served right on the table covered with wrapper, not on platters. Rice is also served in the similar manner and customers enjoy the dish by eating with their hands. This really brings the people together displaying sharing culture among Malaysians. Customers can order the seafood according the combos available at the shop.


4. See Good Food centre

Located in the heart of Kuching is the See Good Food Centre who has been serving delicious seafood for over 20 years now. See Good Food centre is very famous for their speedy service where food arrives at your table 15 to 20 minutes after you order. They serve many local favourite chinese dishes such as stir fry midin, bamboo clam curry, fish cooked in terung asam and tomatoes and stir fried manicai (cangkuk manis).


5. Lepau Restaurant

There are only a handful of restaurants that serve authentic local ethnic dishes and Lepau Restaurant is one of them. Lepau Restaurant specialty would be authentic Kayan Cuisine. They cook with only the freshest local ingredients. Some of their famous seafood cuisine is Umai Ikan, Tempoyak with anchovies and fish soup with terung Dayak. They’re local vegetable dishes are also very famous.


6. Muara Tebas Seafood

Seafood at Muara Tebas Seafood is as fresh and delicious as it is close to the sea. Perched near the sea side with a part of its restaurant floating on the water, Muara Tebas Seafood serves delicious local delicacies made from the freshest seafood straight from the sea. Some of the local favourites are the oyster omelette, white clam soup, steamed prawns and sweet sour crab. Customers can also choose their favourite seafood from the tank displaying the live sea creatures and choose the style of cooking.


7. Pending Seafood Centre

Pending Seafood Centre is another locals favourite seafood restaurant. Located near Kuching airport, Pending Seafood Centre has many stalls selling local seafood specialties. The most famous outlet in the centre would be L & L seafood. They are very famous for their oyster omelette, cheese crab, butter prawns and of course stir fry midin.


8. Batu Lintang Food Centre

Tucked away in the busy streets of Batu Lintang is none other that the famous Batu Lintang Food Centre. Batu Lintang Food Centre houses many seafood stalls and the famous one would be the Lok Garden. Being a local favourite, Lok Garden serves many types of dishes and local specialties. Their signature dish would be the fragrant rice, steamed fish, butter prawns and the showstopper, sea cucumber soup.


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