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Kukup Oceanic Sky ~ Close to the nature and let your hair down.

Built within natural environment embraced by the sea and mangrove forest, Kukup Oceanic Sky resort has retained the most original appearance of a fishing village house and at the same time equipped with contemporary facilities for the convenience of the tourists.

The resort is furnished with wooden flooring which keeps the house warm during cold weather and cool during hot weather. Its automated fishing facilities are prepared for tourists who would like to experience fishing. Sometimes the harvest could be surprising. There are tourists who have caught fish like Barramundi, Threadfin and Golden Snapper during their stays.

There are 2 types of rooms available which are VIP rooms and standard rooms. Karaoke system and Wifi are provided complimentary. The other activities you could do during your stays are including mahjong games, ping pong games, body and foot massage.

The resort offers a wide variety of barbeque food choices. The latest menu which features freshly caught XXL size prawns and steaks would definitely present a special gourmet experience.

In the evening, tourists could enjoy strolling at the common area at the backyard feeling the gentle breeze while waiting for the night to fall. Kukup is really a place where you could be close to the nature and let your hair down. Staying at Kukup Oceanic Sky would definitely make your vacation an unforgettable one!

Address: No.25, Ayer Masin,82300 Kukup,Pontian,Johor, Malaysia.
Phone Number: +6016 730 3000 (Evelyn Yeo) / +6019 710 7000 (E. T. Lim) / +65 9786 8191 (S.H. How)
Facebook: Kukup Oceanic Sky