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Vintage Frenzy in Kuala Lumpur

From all vintage clothes to jewelleries to cafes and even furnitures we bring you the top 10  instagram worthy vintage hotspots in all of Kuala Lumpur.

1. Central Market

Central Market was once a wet market has now transformed through modernization but hasn’t lost its classic touch being the symbol of the various ethnicity that exists in Malaysia. Entering Central Market will be as if entering a different era of Malaysia. The whole market is filled with different colours and patterns owing to the different sections of shops that divided based on ethnic groups- Straits Chinese, Lorong Malaysia and Lorong India.

Central Market is the best place to get good deals on all vintage items you looked for. From fabrics such as batik and songket to antique jewelries, Central Market is full of it . There is also a floor solely to sell classic garments as well making it a perfect choice for your vintage shopping.


2. Buntil

Thrifting has never been better than with Buntil. Buntil was established in the late 80s and has been since serving avid thrifters with 2 outlets in Bukit Bintang Plaza. Buntil has a variety of items to offer ranging from all types of leather products, denim, plaid, blazers, shoes and accessories.

Don’t look down on them as they also have some high end brands in stock such as Gucci, Prada, Dior and Hermes. They also have some limited edition products that might not be in production now but are in good shape. The item’s sold here are definitely worth every penny.


3. LEA Born Enterprise

LEA Born enterprise is definitely a denim and leather haven. The shop sales various kinds of pre-loved winter jackets, leather jackets, denim products and boots which comes from Australia. For that ideal biker look, LEA Born Enterprise is the place to go. They also sell handbags , accessories and scarves as well. You can find LEA Born Enterprise at level 3 of Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya.


4. Joe’s Mac

Joe’s MAC is a store that pays homage to era of vinyl and old music. The store has its own eccentric feel, barely decorated with anything fancy and filled with nostalgic products such as vinyls, CDs, old album posters, guitars, cassettes and more . Also located at Amcorp mall, Joe’s MAC is the perfect place to get all your favourite old music CDs and vinyl records for an affordables. Make sure to visit the store as you might stumble upon some really rare music collectibles.


5. Kheng’s Antique and Collectibles

Many hidden treasures can be found at Kheng’s Antique and Collectibles. Located in the Central Market, Kheng’s Antique and Collectibles is filled with more than 10,000 items that the owner, Mr. Victor the owner of the shop has been collecting since he was young.

The shop has so many vintage product – postcards, timepieces, rare vases, cutleries, tea sets and many more. Some of the items are very old and may value up to millions of ringgit. The shop also boasts its 180 pieces of clocks and timepieces. A visit to this shop is a must as you might stumble up to some rare treasures.


6. Coffee Amo

Housed in an old building in Petaling Streets, Coffee Amo serves up the best coffee with the cutest 3D art. The owners if the building didn’t renovate the building in terms of structure to preserve its heritage. The interior of the cafe is decorated with vintage chinese furniture accompanied by scenery paintings, old antique pieces with touches of modernity.

They also serves some damn good cups of hand-brewed coffee. Coffee beans are brought from Panama Geisha, Jamaican Blue Mountain and Italy. Make sure to drop by this cafe at the first floor of Petaling Street Art House.


7. Merchant’s Lane

Hidden in the busy area of Petaling Street is Merchant’s Lane, an Asian-Western fusion cafe. This cafe is tucked in the first floor of an old shop which has said to have been a brothel years ago. Now sporting open ceiling with a rustic theme, Merchant’s Lane serves some really good Asian-styled comfort food with fusion of the modern tastes.

The shop has many outdoor components and vintage furnishing that gives the place a unique look to it. The food they serve is really good as well where some of their famous dish is Cantonese-style Hongkie Beef Stew and “the South China Sea” which is tender grilled salmon fillets with mango-corn salsa, hash and poached egg.


8. Second Charm

If your looking for vintage furnishing then Second Charm is the best place to head to. Specializing in vintage furnitures, fine reproductions, custom made furnitures, home furnishing and architectural salvages, Second Charm has never failed to preserve the memories of old furniture and provide the best. They also take custom orders as well as restoration works for your furniture which is cool as now you would have to worry about throwing away old furnitures that have a special place in your hearts.


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