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A Spiritual Journey in Seremban

Dive into a world of divinity and peace

1. The Centipede Temple ; Then Tze Temple

Sitting at the peak of Bukit Jung or Wu Gong Hill is Then Tze Temple also known as the Centipede Temple according to locals. The temple sits amongst a vast spread of greeneries overlooking the town of Seremban. Visitors will have to climb 264 steps to reach the temple which is said to be a test to the endurance and spiritual strength of devotees. Along the way devotees are greeted by many sculptures depicting Taoist stories.

This temple is give the nickname “Centipede Temple” as it is the home to various species of centipedes which rome around freely. You are bound to come up on one or two on your way up to the temple. Another important attraction in the temple is the God of Marriage, Yue Lao where couples hang lockets on the fencing along the statue whom seek a blessed married life. Many other deity statues can be seen around the temple and make sure to check out each of them.


2. Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple

Located along Jalan Yam Tuan is the magnificent Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple. Unlike any other temple, on the exterior Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple looks more classic and mono toned compared to any other other temples which are usually painted with many colors due to its classic Indian architecture that mainly highlights the use of gold, copper and clay.

The surroundings of the temples are beautifully adorned with plants and inside is a glorious chariot made of copper plated teak. The interior of the temple sports the golden theme with added colour and grandeur. A visit to the temple is a must to witness and understand the classic Hindu culture and understand the spiritual values incorporated in the structure of the temple building.


3. Temple of the 7 Virgins; Arulmigu Maha Saptha Kannigal Devi Temple

Built over a 100 years ago is the Arulmigu Maha Saptha Kannigal Devi Temple, the only Kanniamma (Hindu deity) temple ever built in Malaysia. Situated on the peak of Victoria Hills, Seremban, this temple is the alter of 7 deities – Biramme, Mageswary, Gaumaree, Vyshnavi, Varagi , Magenthree and Samundy.

Milk devoting is one of the most auspicious forms of prayers done in this temple. Devotees have said to feel divine and peaceful being in the temple. Visitors are blessed with beautiful sceneries as well. The temple is quite famous around the town so there is no doubt there will be people to help direct to the temple.


4. Masjid Jamek, Seremban

This 116 year old mosque built in the 1900 is located at Jalan Tun Dr Ismail. The original name of this mosque is Masjid Diraja Tuanku Munawir also known as the Royal Mosque of Seri Menanti. This mosque has been given the National Heritage title as it is the oldest mosque in the whole of Negeri Sembilan.

The uniqueness of this mosque is that it architectural features are similar to that of a Malaccan mosque which is in contrast to the Minangkabau influenced Negeri Sembilan. This mosque gets a lot of its design from Mughal influence. The interior of the mosque is adorned with Islamic scriptures and designs alike. This mosque should be added to your bucket list to really delve into the Islamic values described by every part of this mosque.


5. State Mosque of Negeri Sembilan

Located near Seremban Lake Garden is the infrastructural marvel is the State Mosque of Negeri Sembilan. During the early 60s, due to development of population, Masjid Jamek was not able to support the large amount of devotee thus resulting in the building of the State Mosque.

The architectural structure of the mosque is said to follow a modernistic theme and a lot of the Minangkabau influence in Negeri Sembilan is incorporated in it. The roof of the mosque depicts a nine sided polygon referring to the 9 districts in Negeri Sembilan.The interior of the mosque is also magnificent as the exterior fitting the expressionist feature incorporated by the architect of the mosque. Make sure to stop by and witness this beautiful mosque.


6. Church of Visitation

Church of Visitation was founded in Seremban between the year of 1835 to 1885. The once “attap” chapel is renovated based on neo- Gothic architecture over the years. The whole vibe of this church is very modest and eccentric due to classic inspiration of it’s design.This church is one of the oldest churches in Negeri Sembilan and also one of the oldest parish being around 200 years now.

This church now accommodates over 12000 parishes whom are mostly local and some migrants as well. The church sessions are conducted in English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese making it easy for church-goers of any background to go and do their service. Church of Visitation also conduct many community programs and camps for their members as well as outsiders as well to promote good values in the community.


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