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Ratu Rening Residency, Batang Kali

A perfect nature escape for families, friends and corporate retreats.
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Ratu Rening Residency is a unique estate surrounded by all the goodness of the nature situated at Batang Kali, 15 minutes driving distance from Genting Highlands. First time stepping into this garden-style residency, I was so impressed with the set up which is like a hidden haven away from the city! After finding out more about Ratu Rening, I have organized a family trip there.


There are only 2 villas at the estate, each with different architectural concept. Sekebun Bunga, the estate of which the wedding was held, was build with the concept of garden and greens. Our family trip took place at the larger compound called Dusun Raja which was built around a spring water reservoir, adding modern elements to make every stay convenient and comfortable.


Dusun Raja provides 3 air-conditioned houses and 3 outdoor units which could accommodate up to 22 guests. The other facilities are including bonfire, BBQ pit, pond, kitchen and a few different dining places.


We arrived at Dusun Raja houses at about 3.30pm. The weather is too hot recently. The kids couldn’t wait to jump into pond when they see cooling water. The host of Ratu Rening is helpful and friendly. She briefed us on the facilities and nearby attractions before we settled down into the wooden chalets.


There are about 25 waterfalls in Batang Kali and a few streams flowing over. We had a relaxing afternoon enjoying our lunch by the stream side listening to the burbling of water. Due to the estate only be rented to one group of guests per house each time, we could enjoy good times with a lot of privacy.


We set up bonfire in the evening before continuing with our BBQ dinner. It was a special experience for the elders and the youngsters to have camping-style dinner outdoor! After dinner we sat together chit-chatting. My younger brother brought along his guitar and sang us some songs. Everybody enjoyed the night very much!


The next morning, we woke up fresh listening to the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves. Surrounded by trees and waters, the temperature around the estate was comfortable.
After breakfast some of the guys stayed back for their basketball games while some of us who were not into sports had carried out a treasure hunt game with the kids. The area is spacious. It is ideal for group activities like small company theme building or buddy gatherings.

The owner of the estate had even provided painting materials and tools for guests to record the charming scenery in canvas. I am sure coming in a group everyone would be able to find something of their interests to do. We were told that the owner too provides a special back-to-the-nature meditation therapy package for guests who would like to release their stress and seeking for calmness in mind.


In the afternoon we prepared some light food and went to a nearby waterfall for a real nature retreat! Can you imagine how cool it is being surrounded by greens, accompanied by the symphony presented by flora and fauna in the jungle and showered by ice cool water of the waterfall? Yes, this was what our getaway was about, and we loved it!


The second night at Ratu Rening Residency, we spent some time and efforts preparing ourselves with romantic long table candlelight dinner. There is a hot spring called Hulu Tamu situated 5 mins away from Dusun Raja.
After dinner we went to the hot spring, soaked ourselves into the steaming pool hoping to have a good night sleep after a whole day’s activities. We wrapped the day up drinking, chatting and playing card games under the starry sky at Dusun Raja.


It was a memorable family trip as we were away from many modern elements which would distract everybody and really enjoyed precious family bonding time together. Nature is the best place to heal stressful souls. After the trip everybody is recharged with positive energy and ready to face life challenges again!


By Giolee
Facebook:Giolee Mia
Address:Kampung Hulu Rening, 44300, Batang Kali, Selangor
Contact:016-207 7671
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